Delta-V Contract Personnel

Sep 4, 2019 | Jim Bernier

When it comes to robust DCS systems, many healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical and oil and gas industry employers are turning to Black-Peak for their deep pool of available DeltaV Programmers and Applications Engineers.    Black-Peak supplies Delta-V Support on a contract basis anywhere throughout the United States with for shorter and very long term contract assignments.

Companies are hiring contract help with a concentration in DELTA-V distributed control system (DCS) from Emerson.   This position will deliver the planning and execution of small, medium, and large projects in support of process automation equipment and systems utilizing the DELTA-V DCS.

Contractors are generally responsible for programming, debugging, and field troubleshooting automation equipment with DELTA-V controllers.  The contractors have experience specific modules of the DELTA-V system and proven knowledge on components like DELTA-V Control Studio , Cascade Control, Delta-V Operate Configure, Theme Dynamos, and familiar with the PK, M series, S series, and Charms line of controllers.

The contractors are often responsible to support equipment migration from legacy DCS systems over to the DELTA-V DCS to include working with vendors and contractors to upgrade the infrastructure and put in place new procedures to support DELTA-V.

If you have projects or talent needs in Delta-V or other PLC based controls and automation systems, the team at Black-Peak can fulfill your contract staffing needs.                                

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