PLC Programming for Automation and Controls in the Oil & Gas sector

Aug 20, 2019 | Jim Bernier

It’s a fact; America has a wealth of oil and gas resources throughout the country offshore and onshore.  Some of the largest resources are underground throughout North Dakota in the Bakken region and in West Texas in the Permian Basin. 

To gain access to these resources, oil and gas operators, exploration company’s and engineering services company’s alike are relying on automation and controls for the drilling and extraction operations.    The automation and controls involve PLC programming, HMI Configuration, Process Instrumentation and industrial communications. 

The role of robotics, controls and automation systems in both onshore and offshore operations has become even more important in recent years as producers and oilfield service providers look to improve efficiency in order to offset shrinking profits caused by slumping oil prices in recent years. 

Although the drilling sector has perhaps been the most affected by the industry’s push toward improved IT infrastructure and more advanced control systems, the midstream and downstream markets have experience a widespread transformation as well.

Many oil and operators and engineering services companies are utilizing a talented partner to help drive experienced talent pools to the area to help carry out projects.  Black-Peak has been a helpful resource of this talent and in providing experienced control engineers and automation specialists to provide complete conceptual design, installation and ongoing maintenance for a wide range of midstream infrastructure.

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