Rotational contract labor for Automation & Controls Engineers

Nov 18, 2019 | Jim Bernier

How are Engineering Services Employers filling remote area staffing with Automation Engineering talent?  

Rotational contract roles for Automation Engineers and Automation Technicians can be scheduled to travel onsite for several weeks at a time and then take a return trip home at the end of their rotation.  The opposite rotational team of Automation Engineers and Technicians take their place.   This provides 2 main benefits. 

Constant onsite employee coverage in remote locations, and the ability for highly skilled staff to travel to the remote site for work and work only, before having extended time off with family in their home location.  By have teams of contract Automation Professionals rotating in and out of the remote site, you don’t experience employee burnout since most schedules are only 2 to 3 weeks onsite before 1 to 2 weeks off would follow.  

The second benefit is that you are will find better quality staff by allowing rotational contractors to go home on their rotations and not trying to make them relocate to an area scarce of amenities, friends, family and housing.  

The employers hiring for these are Heavy Industrial not limited to Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Pipeline, Energy, Power, Water & Wastewater to name a few.    Many busy employers are in search of rotational contract staff especially when it’s not always an option with existing staff, or they are short staffed to begin with.   Employers have experienced the best results in identifying and commissioning rotational automation professionals through specialized service providers like Black-Peak Inc.   With two decades of experience in assembling small and large rotational contract teams for Automation Engineering support, they have made many projects possible and stayed under budget as well.  Rotational contract staff are skilled, have (Rockwell Automation, Siemens) PLC experience, HMI, SCADA, networking and flow computer experience in heavy industrial, just as an example.   Many other highly specialized teams of 2 to 24 contract workers have been identified and provided in a short amount of time.   The company offers a complete solution for skilled talent.  

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