Why Hire Contract Staff?

Sep 20, 2019 | Jim Bernier

Quickly add staff with specialized skill sets

A Contract Staff agency has specialized people available to work onsite at your company within a short amount of time.    The contract staff can be hired without large amounts of time and resources needed to locate the talent. 

Hiring Specialized Talent You Don’t Need Regularly or Ongoing

Large projects, specialized projects and niche areas within your business all have the same things in common,  you may not need the staff long-term to achieve other shorter term objectives.   If you are growing your business into a new niche or market, you might find yourself needing some temporary help.  Hiring Contractors already skilled in the services and skills you need, allow for quick ramp up and ramp down.  Contractors are already aware their work may not be on-going, making them perfect for tasks you don’t need performed regularly.

Consulting – Contract to Hire

Bringing in contract talent which may later result in long-term employment within at the company is another thing to consider.   With the same advantages as above, you can quickly ramp up and later decide if the contract resource with skills and industry experience can make a long term impact on the company by making an offer to transition to a direct hire career role at the company. 

Starting out with a contractor could provide a good “test run” to see if it’s something your company could grow into.

Contractors Can Be Cheaper- More cost effective solutions

Contractor hourly rates will be higher than similar employees within the company, but you likely won’t pay as much as you would for the internal employees.  With a contractor, you are not subject to additional costs of an employee such as; employer payroll taxes, social security contributions, unemployment contributions, employee benefits, administration, PTO, workers compensation and employer liability insurances associated with internal employees. 

Even if you need a contractor for a year-long project, it probably won’t cost you as much as you would pay to have an employee for the same time.

More Flexibility

If your business revolves around seasonal work, or there are times where business is naturally heavier, hiring a contractor is the way to go.  By hiring a contractor, you aren’t obligated to keep paying them when work doesn’t come in or the season ends.   Plus most contractor’s work on contracts that are easy enough to get out of if work should dry up.

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