The Support You Need

Considering a career change or progression on your current career tract can be a big decision.   We understand the industry you work within and can help navigate questions while you’re evaluating opportunities with our leading employer customers.

When working with a Black-Peak recruiter, you are presented as a ‘Candidate of Choice’ to an employer by a trusted source and this helps you stand out from the crowd.  These can be for direct hire or contract jobs, alike depending on the opportunity we are discussing with you. 

Our initial contact will involve a phone screening so we can thoroughly understand your background and expertise. We will explain the job functions and expectations to be certain that you are an ideal fit for the position.

Black-Peak will assist you in every step of the process from; communication between you and the employer, interview preparation, scheduling, salary negotiation, the delivery of an offer and any on-boarding procedures required by the employer.

As a candidate working with Black-Peak you will never incur any cost. We strive to provide you with a better and rewarding career at leading employers in your field.

We fulfill and offer the following types of employment; direct hire employee, contractor or temp-to-hire positions.

Obtaining Contract Roles – We will market your skills to match employer contract jobs.

If you are seeking contract employment and willing to travel throughout the US, let us know and we will reach out to our targeted customers in your industry to market and match your skills and experience to hundreds of employers we work with to gain the right fit. 

Your skills and experience are marketed out to specific clients and once selected we would initiate a contract role for you by providing bi-weekly payroll, above market hourly rates and overtime. In addition our clients will provide travel and lodging in most cases.