PLC programmer/ Automation Engineer Temp Staff

PLC programmer/ Automation Engineer Temp Staff

We’ve been providing traveling Automation Engineers across the United States and offshore for the past 2 decades helping our customers achieve project success onsite and at remote locations alike. 

Some of our customers are power plants working on implementing new process controls and have a need for Automation Engineers, PLC and HMI Programmers and Automation Engineers to support commissioning efforts for the automation systems within the process. 

Other customers are oil and gas industry systems integrators implementing new process controls or maintaining existing systems by troubleshooting, support and upgrading well sites, pipeline systems, upstream and downstream automated processes.

We’ve been the go-to source to quickly and readily supply experienced Automation Engineers with PLC programming, HMI and SCADA systems configuration, drives and VFD configuration, LACT and metering, and advanced industrial networking and protocols support. 

We have successfully supplied immediate contractor resources clients in the following industries:

Oil & Gas sectors including upstream, mid-steam and downstream controls and automation operations throughout the Permian Basin, Bakken Regions, Eagle Ford, and all other areas in West Texas, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and other areas including offshore drilling in the gulf and Alaska areas.

Pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences process controls and automation production throughout the Boston, RTP, San Francisco and many other regions in the USA.

Power & Energy sector support for new plants and upgrades to existing process systems.

Food & Beverage process control and automation production operations throughout the mid-west and east coast areas.  From frozen foods and bakery automation to juice and brewery production controls and automation, we have provided leading contract personnel.



Process/How We Work

Small contract teams can be assembled in 1 -2 weeks, while larger contract teams (ie: 20+ specialized contract resources) can be assembled and commissioned in 1 to 2 months’ time.  Average contract durations; three-months to multi-year contracts. 

The types of skills and experience include: Programming Allen Bradley Studio 5000  / RSLogix 5000 / RSLogix 500 for ControlLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix, MicroLogix, SLC, etc.   Configuration of HMI including FactoryTalk View SE/ ME, Panelview and many others.  Additional skills with drives, instrumentation, industrial network communications.  We also provide expert DeltaV programmers. 

Black-Peak has successfully identified and provided over 1800 Controls & Automation professionals and PLC Programmers on contract to complete project tasks and get our clients across the finish line with critical projects, over the last 20 years’.

Why are so many employers turning to Black-Peak?   We can identify, source and deploy the best contract PLC programmers within a matter of days.  While many employers have similar roles open for weeks and months, we continually meet demands and have qualified contract staff to work onsite at our clients’ within days.

How do we do this?

Our expert recruitment team is comprised of industry Controls & Automation Engineers, connecting, building relationships and identifying talent on a daily basis.   This is coupled with our own proprietary database of PLC programmers, Automation Engineers & Technicians which employs a “peak performance” and personal touch approach to keep current roles in front of the best professionals in the industry. There is no substitute for the personal interaction, connections and industry knowledge we offer to the candidates we communicate with. Each and every detail we execute, results in the overall success for our clients meeting their project objectives.


  • With Temp staff, Black-Peak will eliminate your need for employee payroll, employer taxes, benefits, WC/ GL / EL Insurance, paid time off, unemployment, pre-employment drug testing and background checks – Money & Time Savings
  • We keep up with industry trends.
  • Direct Hire Staffing fee discounts can be offered for staffing multiple roles within a year. This Equals Savings.
  • A partner who is committed for the long term.
  • Hiring Managers: Receive Expert Advice on a Specific Position by our recruitment industry experts.




  • Programming Allen Bradley Studio 5000  / RSLogix 5000 / RSLogix 500 for ControlLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix, MicroLogix, SLC
  • HMI configuration – FactoryTalk View, Wonderware, Panelview, GE Proficy, Cimplicity, iFix, WinCC 
  • DeltaV, ABB, Honeywell, Siemens


“Working with Jim and the Black-Peak team has helped our field engineering operations tremendously.  After identifying our needs, Black-Peak identified and on boarded 6 contract controls engineers to commission PLC’s, HMI and Instrumentation in the field for a 1 year contract for automated fracking sites.  By providing us with qualified staff, we had minimal downtime for training and we noticed a very quick ramp up, which resulted in completing the project 2 months early for a 430k cost savings.    We are in the midst of hiring Black-Peak again to supply additional contract controls engineers for a smaller sized project.”
George Automation Group Leader – Oil & Gas

“After procuring 2 contracts through our sales group I was tasked to bring in PLC programmers with Industrial Network skills.  We were installing a complete automation systems including Rockwell Automation ControlLogix with FactoryTalk HMI for 3 foods process facilities.  Our staff was already overbooked and there was potential to lose the project if we could not get resources out within 4 weeks.  I had been referred to contact Black-Peak and it certainly paid off, because we had some very good people onsite within the timeframes we needed and after solving some complex issues with the commissioning work, we landed additional projects with our customer.  I’m still amazed at the level of understanding of the skills and talents we needed and the hard work Black-Peak endured to make things happen.  We had an option for direct hire, and we ended up hiring several of Black-Peak’s contract PLC programmers and engineers to work for us directly at the end of the contract.  This was a win-win. ”
Kyle, VP of Engineering Systems Integration & Automation

“The fastest turn-around on qualified people I have seen, consistently.   From the initial meeting to all pre-employment verifications, they are fast and understand the business we’re in.  Unlike some traditional staffing agencies, I felt Black-Peak knew our needs and recommended people we could start quickly.  Now, we’re on year 5 with Jim and the Black-Peak team and they continue to approach each project with high standards.   With the experienced contract labor provided, we came in under budget on a few of the projects and have a total savings of $2.7M. ”
Laura, Industrial Automation Project Leader Midstream Gas Measurement


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