Black-Peak Maintenance Technician Recruiters are top-tier professionals in the industry. We have identified a growing need for Maintenance Technicians in the field. To help meet that need, we cultivated a process to successfully source local, highly qualified staff to facilities specializing in production, manufacturing, commercial and industrial applications, across the United States from our base in Providence, Rhode Island.

We specialize in placing Maintenance Technicians who focus on keeping equipment running at maximum efficiency. Our industry professionals understand this positively impacts your bottom line, and contributes to worker safety, efficient operations, and maximum equipment lifetime.

Our track record as maintenance technician recruiters has been recognized by many of the country’s leading plant operations leaders as an established organization to secure the best talent.

Black-Peak is your recruitment solution for hiring competent, highly skilled maintenance technicians and other production and facilities maintenance professionals. Whether you require a direct hire employee, contractor or temp, we have a solution tailored to you.

Retained Fee Staffing

Employers and clients who choose the Black-Peak (1.5%) retained-fee staffing service receive premier-level staffing support. This plan is the best value and return for our clients. We offer the highest priority candidate sourcing, as well as a dedicated team with industry specific experience. Our candidate sourcing efforts also include additional job promotion and spend budget, pre-employment background checks and drug testing included with each hire.

Retained fee defined: At search onset, a 1.5% fee based on a new hire’s estimated first-year annual wage is invoiced. Once a new hire starts, this retained fee is deducted from the total fee due, per the agreed staffing fee percentage, per hire.

Direct Hire Staffing

For searches where priority and exclusivity are less critical, our direct hire solution may be ideal. Black-Peak offers these services on a contingency basis. We request our client review and authorize the service agreement with our team prior to the search beginning.

Contract Staffing

Our contract staffing solution is designed to locate and provide specific talent for an estimated duration. With this option, our focus is on outsourced technical and functional positions. We provide payroll services, workers compensation, general liability, professional liability and expense reimbursement or, in some cases, per diem. Additionally, each Black-Peak client is insured and covered under our General Liability and Workers Compensation policies.

Contract-to-hire Staffing (Temp-to-hire)

This service offers your company a more flexible approach to hiring full-time staff. You’ll have time to evaluate a potential employee while the candidate works for you as a contractor under Black-Peak’s payroll.

Keeping Your Business First

Locating top talent can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Black-Peak’s highly skilled, experienced recruitment team can make staffing easier, faster and more cost-efficient, allowing your team to focus on what matters.