Outsourced Payrolling/ Employee Payrolling

Aug 20, 2019 | Jim Bernier

A Midwest power and utilities company was planning to have ex-employees return for temporary work to help during a planned plant outage for maintenance and repairs work.  They needed a partner to provide payrolling services and ensure all employees were properly insured and temporary payroll was in place for 22 temporary employees.  They had researched a good partner for these services and chose Black-Peak to meet their project timelines and project expectations, quick, efficient and under budget. 

Jim Bernier and the Black-Peak team were able to provide the support needed and ensured the process was seamless and easy.

The power and utility company was able to complete the outage maintenance and repairs with Black-Peak payrolling in an efficient and accurate manner.

As an outsourced payrolling company, Black-Peak Technology reduces overhead, insurance costs and unemployment responsibility for their clients. James Bernier and his team at Black-Peak can assist you by providing payrolling services for your company’s temporary staff, contract employees or any other employees at a very competitive hourly rate as the temporary payroll employer.   

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