Where to Find Maintenance Technicians

Sep 4, 2019 | Erin

It’s estimated over ½ of all Maintenance Technician jobs are going unfilled in today’s manufacturing and production facilities.  The lack of qualified technicians will continue to take its toll on manufacturing, production and industrial businesses. The demand for skilled maintenance technicians has been on the rise for years.  Industry employment analysts have researched and realized the growing skills gap in qualified electrical and mechanical maintenance personnel and the impact it’s having in the industry.  These findings show a negative impact on businesses through additional spending on new equipment, shorter lifespan of equipment due to lack of routine and periodic maintenance. Of course, more down time on existing equipment, while out of service. 

The research conducted has identified the dramatic shortage in skilled maintenance with competence in electrical, PLC’s, drives, servo motors, instrumentation, hydraulics, pneumatics, HVAC, and is offering advice on what organizations can turn to have an advantage in getting the best talent to meet maintenance objectives. 

One of the most relevant answers, the capable and experienced Maintenance Technicians already work somewhere else.   Furthermore, there is a specialized recruitment team already helping many employers with such maintenance staff needs. Several of these employers using their services were surveyed, and the results were quite impressive.

By selecting Black-Peak Inc, (specialized Maintenance Technician recruiters) the surveyed employers were able to rapidly fill multiple roles for multiple shifts, typically in a 1 to 3 week time frame for multiple positions for employers ready to hire.  This enabled employers to focus on production and a cost savings per hire by drastically reducing recruitment time, recruitment costs and vetting processes. 

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